How do I get my cat to be not so aggressive?

  • How do I get my cat to be not so aggressive and tear me up I know she's a kitten but I have to stop her from this I look like hamburger meat she wants to scratch my walls and climb my curtains how do I stop that I've tried to fly swatter I've tried to water bottle she thinks I'm playing with her it doesn't bother her

  • Hi Angel,

    Since she is a kitten, it is very normal for her to consider all of this as playing, as it's just her instinct to behave this way. The best thing you can do, to save yourself and the furniture from further destruction - is to provide her with plenty of toys and "cat zones" (such as an enclosure specifically designed for cats) or a cardboard box for her to "abuse". Allow (at least a minimum) 15 mins a day of interactive playtime with a wand toy to allow her to expel her excessive energy, as well as keep your hands safe from her reach. This will also help build a trusting bond with her. To save the walls and furniture, consider investing in a scratching post or cat tree. Cats instinctively need to scratch to condition their claws, mark territory and stretch their muscles. If your cat is choosing the walls to scratch, consider a scratching board that can be fastened to a wall area she frequents the most. If she needs encouragement, use catnip to entice her interest towards her toys and scratching areas. 
    Using forms of punishment, such as a fly swatter or a water bottle is not recommended. By doing so will be ineffective in the long run, as it only teaches her to behave these behaviours when you are not present - as well as she will inevitably begin to associate you with these actions and may start to fear you - thus, damaging any bonds that you are trying to build. 

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