Why does my feral community cat scream before I feed her?

  • Why does my feral community cat scream before I feed her?


  • Hi there, this is Dr Linda, a vet with 10 years of small animal experience.


    We'd usually see this if a cat is vocally saying 'Thanks and hurry up!'. It can be their way of begging and letting you know they want the food right away.

    If she has no other signs, eats happily and loves her food, it may be this.


    If this appears to be a distressed scream, we'd have to wonder about udnerlying oral pain.

    Feral cats are much more prone to painful gingivostomatitis, oral ulcers, tooth fractures and advanced dental disease.

    It is possible she associates eating with pain so is distressed, yet still eats as she must to survive.


    Other signs of dental disease can include:

    • Drooling
    • Bad breath
    • Visibly red gums
    • Swallowing food quickly without chewing much
    • Preferring wet food
    • Weight loss
    • A jaw fracture


    In a case like this, vet care is important.

  • No signs of the above dental disease.  I think you may be right....hurry up and feed me.  LOL

  • Haha, hopefully this is the case! If so, nothing to be concerned about and just a vocal (and demanding!) kitty.

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