How can I stop my cats from jumping on kitchen counters?

  • I have 1 out of 4 that no matter what I try he thinks it's ok to jump up on my kitchen counters. It's the only place he's not allowed to go. I tried putting tin foil on the counters and just got foil in shreds all over the floor. I tried the water bottle spray which does get him down off the counter but he will just get back up again later. He's not looking for food (he has food) he's just exploring. I keep chasing him off the counter when I'm awake but after I go to bed I have no control. Help!

  • Hi Sandee,

    Since tin foil has failed to keep him off the counters, you could try double-sided tape (or a similar cat counter deterrent, available online). These kinds of products are specifically designed for furniture and safe to use on most surfaces (just be sure to read the label first). Cats, generally, do not like the way they feel on their paws and, usually, after the first encounter - will likely continue to avoid.

    Direct forms of punishment, such as squirting a water bottle is not recommended. This only teaches him not to preform the behaviour when you are around and not during the night or when you are out of the house. Over time, it can also cause him to become aggressive or fearful towards you. He will inevitably begin to associate your presence with hostile actions and this can damage his relationship/view with you. 

  • Just give it up. I used to have a "no counter/no table" policy when I first got cats years ago. Guess who always wins? The cat. Now that I don't care, my 2 cats don't go on the counter. They still go on the table. What you resist, persists. Chill, and see what happens. 

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