Cat peeing outside of litter box

  • I've use cat deterrent , but she keeps peeing outside of the litter box. She is 11 years old .

  • Hi there and I'm sorry youe cat is doing this. 

    My name is Linda and I'm a small animal vet with 10 years of clinical experience.


    If this is anew behaviour, as she is 11, there is something going on.



     - There is something stressing her out (perhaps a new person in the home, change in routine or construction work nearby)


    - She has an underlying medical issue such as cystitis, a bacterial urinary tract infection, kidney disease, bladder stones or a bladder mass.



    The first step is to rule out a medical issue. This means a vet check, bladder palpation and perhaps a urine analysis and bladder scan.

    It may be that she needs some medicine such as antibiotics or anti inflammatories.

    She may also benefit from a urinary diet and bladder supplements.



    We need to ensure she has 2 clean litter trays available at all times (or more if she is not the only cat).

    The trays should be in quiet area of the home with low foot traffic.


    Keep her routine consistent and the environment should be calm and quiet.


    Never punish her for peeing outside of the box, as this can make the issue worse.

    Any stains should be cleaned with an enzymatic cleaner.



    A final consideration would be joint disease, and the vet should check for this when she is seen. If she has the early signs of arthritis, this can make posturing in a tray harder. Use a wide tray with a low lip. As something like 90% of cats over the age of 12 have some arthritis, this is worth looking into here.



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