Cat Loves Precarious Places

  • My one year old cat loves high places, but I am concerned about her new spot lounging on a 2x4 around 8' (I originally thought it was 12' but took a closer look) above some wooden stairs and a concrete floor. She does seem to always support herself with her left front paw when she's up there. She's a year old, very rambunctious, and has been known to roll off of high places while rolling around on her back, or miscalculate a jump. Is this anything to worry about, or can I trust her to continue to land on her feet?


    high places

  • Hi Barbara,

    Thanks for including the pic. It gives me a better understanding of your situation. ;)

    As we know, cats have an instinctual desire to climb into high places. They like to lounge there and watch the world around them. The difference is wether she is going into these places out of play/rest/amusement or is she fearful and trying to hide from someone? If she is at ease, you should not be to concerned. She will be able to manage herself and land on her feet - as cats do. However, if she is seeking these places out of any kind of fear - can result (sometimes) with decisions and timings to be somewhat uncalulated. If fear is a likely cause, be sure to keep an eye on her and consider what she maybe fearful of. Perhaps another pet? A new neighbour dog has moved in? Is the washing machine being used while she seeks these places? etc. 

  • Thank you Nicole,

    She definitely goes there for fun or to chill out. It has become part of her evening routine for some reason. Plus she loves to watch me if I am doing laundry, changing the litter etc. She runs toward, rather than away from loud noises, so there is no fear issue. Thank you for easing my mind.

  • I'm happy to hear that this behaviour is for her enjoyment. Seems as though she's keeping an eye on your every move. ;) 

  • Just chillin' in the indoor tree, just waiting for one of those socks to escape by itself, like we all know they do :-)

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