Extremely aggressive behavior between male towards female cat

  • I have 2 cats male and female both spayed and neutered. The male has gotten very aggressive at times towards the female to the extent he tries to kill her. He also gets so angry he will attack us.  What can I do to keep him calm. He is a manx lynx and she is a manx siamese.  He is 8 and she is 6 and they have been together for 6 years.

  • Hi Emma,

    The first thing to do is to rule out possible medical reasons for this unexpected aggression. These include neurological disorders or any disorders that could be causing chronic pain or increased irritability. 
    However, if this is not the case-there are many other reasons that can trigger this behaviour. He may feel threatened, challenged or fearful. He may feel territorial to certain areas of the home. His aggression towards the female (and you) may be actually coming from outside - perhaps he can see and smell other cats or a dog nearby. 
    An accurate diagnosis is important if the problem is to be successfully resolved. The two cats may need to be reintroduced (the same way you would introduce a new cat into the home) by separating and a slow establishment. 
    In the meantime, you could try a synthetic pheromone such as Feliway. This contains a synthetic copy of a feline facial pheromone that can induce a state of familiarity and security within the environment, allowing your two cats to remain calm and comfortable in each other's presence. 

  • I recently required a male not fixed 2 years old. My daughter got him from people that were putting out on road cause they said he was mean. For his 2 years he had been fed table food and kept in a carrier in a closet in a trailer.  They would get him out to play but as soon as he bit or scratched they locked him back up. I had him fixed immediately. He would let up pet him and then he would attack and draw all the blood he could. I am trained quite a bit with a rolled up paper (didn't hit with it, just shook and made noise with it). I have 5 cats from age 10 to 12. I have a little bobtail 9 years old that is terrified of him. He tries sneak attacks.  Bobby Joe female is about 5 lbs. And Nola ray is about 15 lbs.. I have tried lavendar, calming collars, stuff in his water to calm. Nothing works.  Poor Bobby Joe is afraid to eat or go to litter box. She stays hid in my office or the guest bathroom closet.  When she does venture out, she take a step and looks around for him and so on. I desperately need help. He doesn't seem to brother t j e other cats only Bobby cause she is afraid of hom. The others cats won't put up with billing. They come back at him but she won't. Help 

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