What does it mean when my cat is peeing in litter box but pooping outside of the litter box?

  • 10 months old female. Never had sign of going in heat. Pees in box and 💩 outside box. Still socks on blanket. Very lovable. 

  • Hi Dawn,

    Your cat has never shown a sign of going into heat...but has she been spayed? Spaying (and Neutering) helps alleviate, sometimes solves - the majority of behavioural issues in cats. 
    However, if she has been spayed - there can be another reason why she is uses the litter box for one purpose but not the other. And as long as any medical conditions have been ruled out - here are some things to consider:

    1. Some cats actually would prefer to have two litter boxes - one for each purpose. 

    2. Has there been any sudden changes to the home or her daily routine? Stress can cause a cat to behave this way. 

    3. Is her litter box the right size for her? Ideally, a litter box should be one and a half times the length of an adult cat, from tip of nose to base of tail. This ensures plenty of room for the cat to make a full turn comfortably without the feeling of being cramped. Sometimes cats will need to turn around in their litter box to be able to cover their feces - but they don't always cover their urine. 

    As for her sucking on the blanket. When cats do this, it is usually an indication that that they have been taken from their mother at to early of an age. Since your cat is still at a relatively young age, she may grow out of it. Or she may carry this behaviour for the rest of her life. It is just a comforting mechanism and should not cause you any concern. 

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