How do I get my cat to stop terrorizing my dog?

  • My cat has terrorized my dog since he first came home and I have tried everything to distract him. What do you think I can do?

  • Hi Cheryl, 

    When a cat does this, it may be because he feels a bit threatened by the dog. So by attacking the dog, he is establishing his territory and making it clear who the boss is. If your cat is displaying fear, he will crouch low to the ground,wrap his tail around his side, flatten his ears and hiss. If dog doesn't back away - your cat will likely lash out to make his point of wanting to be left alone...clear. 
    Some cats simply do not like dogs...but can live together as long as each are given space. Provide plenty of playtime for each animal and allow for cat to have time away from dog to ease his stress level. Never punish as a way to break up any fights that may occur - as this will only create more stress and fear. 
    Have you tried Feliway? It is a synthetic copy of a feline facial pheromone that can induce a state of familiarity and security within the environment and can help to keep your cat more relaxed. 

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