Cat refuses to use litter box to poop.

  • 18 lb. Male ragdoll cat just moved in to house where 2 females already live. He uses litter box to urinate but will not poop in it. Have tried everything but not working.

  • My male has started doing this after 13 years.  No idea why

  • Hello,

    When a cat starts defecting outside of the litter box, there is always a reason why. Figuring out this reason can be a challenge. In the first case, it could simply be just from the recent move and the presence of the 2 females. It often takes time for cats to accept changes in their environment and daily routine. This should get better over time. If you haven't already, try providing him with his own litter box and place in an area away from the two females (at least for the time being). Rub catnip on the sides of the litter box to help give him peace of mind. If the 2 females are unhappy with him at other times as well, consider Feliway Multi-Cat. This is a synthetic copy of a feline facial pheromone that can induce a state of familiarity and security within the environment and allows them to remain calm in one another's presence. Available in diffuser wall plug-ins, collars, sprays and wipes. 

    For a 13 year old cat to suddenly start this behaviour, without any other signs of changes to his environment or routine - there may be a medical condition involved. Consider a trip to a veterinarian for a check up. 

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