What does it mean if my cat has hard poo?

  • Do cats get hard pooh sometime?

  • Hello, this is Dr Linda, a small animal vet with 10 years of clinical experience.


    A hard poo every now and then associated with no other signs can be relatively normal and is not always cause for concern.


    Hard poo generally indicates mild constipation, which can mean a lack of fluid or the wrong amount of fiber in the diet.

    It can also occur if the cat is over heated in the summer months, if they eat too much fur, if they are over weight or sedentary or if they have a medical disorder.


    If the poo is so hard that your cat struggles to pass it or is becoming chronically constipated, this could mean a medical issue such as megacolon, healed pelvic injury or a hernia, and needs to be discussed with your vet.


    Occassional hard poos can usually be remedied with:


    • Adding water to food or offering wet food
    • Encouraging water drinking with e.g. a water fountian
    • Getting down to a healthy weight if needed
    • Making sure your cat is active- this can mean playing with them for at least 30 minutes a day
    • Switching to a diet with more fiber
    • Using a fur ball paste and grooming regularly if fur balls are an issue


    Remember, online medical advice cannot replace an in person vet exam.

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