How to stop fighting and aggressive behavior between two male cats?

  • I have two male cats.  Sometimes they engage in aggressive behavior.  What can I do to stop it?

  • Hi Carolyn,

    Inter-cat aggression can occur for many reasons. And determining the cause can be daunting. As long as any medical conditions have been ruled for either cat - then we can start to break down these possible causes. 
    Some cats (especially two males) can sometimes just have an ongoing battle for dominance within the household. They may be simply fighting for your attention. Or perhaps a previous event that damaged the relationship between the two (who may previously got along) could cause an altercation that resurfaces constantly. 
    When a conflict between two cats begins, regardless of why, it often feeds upon itself and becomes steadily worse over time. 
    The best thing to do is use - Redirection. This can be achieved using a favourite hunting stimulation toy (such as a wand toy) and providing each cat with a daily 15 minute (at minimum) playtime session to allow each to work off excess energy that would otherwise be used towards one another. If things are really bad, try using blockades of blankets, cardboard boxes or pet gates to allow each some relaxation time apart.

  • Like the above question my female cat 6 yes old and a my ginger cat 2yrs old (weighs 14#) will start a fight with Molly for no apparent reason. He outweighs her by 7#. What to do? Peggy Smith 



  • I have a 5 year old female cat. I just got a 2month old male cat

    My female cat Chases him around and he is always under the chair and he poops under there


  • @Carolyn Schroeder neuter them

  • @Debra Austin and if both r neutered? Because I'm in the same situation and ALL my cats r fixed!!

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