How to support a cat with a fever from stress?

  • Hello!

    I have a very sensitive cat. She has been though a trauma when she was a kitten and arrived to a vet clinic I worked on with an infected broken leg.

    I decided to adopt her, she is with us for 3.5 years.

    She is still very frightened of people, when someone enters our home she will not go out from under the blanket, unless they make friends with her after a lot of hard work, and also, every stress she's having, even the smallest accompanied with her raising fever. One time few days after going to the vet for taking her vaccine, her fever raised above 40 degrees celcius. So we descided to sapperate between giving her a vaccine and going to the vet so her immune system can handle it (I vaccinate her at home). But also a regular visit at the vet ends with her having a fever for a week after. My question is, is there anything I can do to support her mentaly and phisicaly through stress times? I planing on moving abroud with her and very afraid of how we will go it through. I could really use some vet a behaviorists advises. Thanks a lot.Lipaz

  • Hi Lipaz,

    Just from a behavioural standpoint - the best thing you can provide for your sensitive kitty is a calm environment with few visitors, before-during-and after the move. Provide her with all her favourite items at all times (such as toys, blankets, a T-shirt with your scent etc). A big move will most certainly be very stressful for her (and you) especially if this move involves a trip on a plane or a long car ride. So on a side note: be sure to check with the airline their policies of travelling with a cat, as they can be different. 
    Most cats that have experienced trauma as a kitten, usually continue their lives on a timid scale but that doesn't mean that they will be unhappy. Most timid and and shy cats just prefer to live in a quiet home with no other pets. 
    If you are going to be travelling by plane, her health will need to be assessed and in control before she can fly. Most fevers are due to a viral infection so be sure to get your veterinarian's opinion (sometimes a second vet opinion is not a bad idea) before you travel. 

  • @Nicole Van Andel Thank you for your answer! Of course I do anything to make her feel as safe and loved as possible when going to the vet or if people are at out home... a blood test is being taken every year to make sure she is fine.. and I  even use feliway.. nothing seems to help when she is inside the situation, but I still hope she will get used to it some day. Thanks again!

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