When to switch kitten from wet food to dry food?

  • Hi all,

    We found a kitten outside the house she seemed to be the runt or just really small. She is healthy and great. We have had her for 3 weeks today. She is maybe 6 wks old. Enigma(Iggy) is her name and she is a tuxedo tabby. I think mom got impregnated by 2 different males at the same time. 

    When is the right time to ween her from replacement formula or formula/wet food slurry via bottles to a hard crunchy food? She looked at out older cat's dry pieces and thought they were play toys. Ha ha

    Also, can we allow her to try to use out older male cat's box. She wants to explore it when she is in the bathroom?

    Thank you in advance for any thoughts and advice,


  • Hello, you are through to Dr Linda, a small animal vet with 10 years of clinical experience.


    Believe it or not, we can start a kitten on either wet or dry kitten food from 3 weeks.

    For some, we will moisten the wet food for a few weeks but this is not always needed.


    At her age, you can feed either wet or dry kitten food, whichever is your preference.


    Kittens should have access to litter trays at all times but cat should not have to share them. If there are 2 cats in the home, we should have 3 trays.


    At 9 weeks, the kitten should be brought to the vet for her first health check and vaccines (or sooner if you have any concerns for her).

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