How can I get my kitten to stop tormenting my older cat?

  • How can I get my kitten to stop tormenting my older cat? She doesn't want to play.

  • Hi Tracy,

    Kittens love to play. This, of course, is totally natural. Older cat just wants to live life in peace. Also natural. So when you've got the two together, things can get rather awkward. Adult cats will usually let the kitten know (by hissing, spitting and batting front paws at the nose etc) that she is not interested in playing and in time the kitten will "get the hint" and understand to leave her alone. 
    In the meantime, be sure to provide plenty of interactive playtime daily with the kitten. Allow daily sessions of at least 15 mins, at minimum. Kittens who are of excessive high energy may require 2 sessions of 30 mins daily (minimum). Wand toys work great for one-on-one playtime to help cats burn off excessive energy and for excersise but are also a great tool to help build the bond between owner and kitten/cat. 
    If the kitten is still tormenting the older cat, you may need to separate them from each other. Provide one of them a room to themselves for awhile. Just be sure they have access to water/food, toys, a bed and a litterbox. 


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