My cat will not drink water

  • I have to buy expensive canned food for my cat and mix it with a little water making sure he gets enough. Hills unrinary , metabolic stresss.......any suggestions ? He eats Bette than I do,,,,thanks anita

  • Hi Anita,

    Just like humans, some cats forget to drink enough water in a day, as they have a low thirst drive. So mixing it in his food is a great way for you to ensure he gets enough. If your veterinarian has recommended the Urinary wet food for any health reasons, then it is best to continue with that. However, does he get a dry kibble food as well? If you give him 1/4cup of dry food every day as well as a serving of the wet food w/water every day - that should be enough to cover all his dietary needs in a day. If he is over his ideal weight, you may need to consult your veterinarian for portion control. 
    Also, another thing to consider - some cats do not like their food and water bowls to be beside each other. This comes instinctively from their outdoor cousins who eat their prey in one area and drink from another to help keep predators at bay. 

  • We have a water fountain, but also offer water bowls in other locations. Been using a water fountain now for several definitly makes a difference in their water intake.

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