7 yr old calico has sores around her neck area

  • My 7 yr old calico gets sores around her neck area she also has excess scraping and licking I took her to the vet who said it was fleas although I keep flea meds on her and don't see any fleas what can I do for her? Thanks 

  • Hi Sandra,

    Perhaps she has an allergy or is sensitive to the flea medication? Fleas can also be hard to find. If she will allow, consider using a flea comb to help determine their presence on her. Very gently, comb her neck where the sores are and down around her chin. If there is any small black-brown "dirt" in the excess of fur on the comb, then that is an indication she has fleas. If you find she has no fleas or dirt - stop using the medication, and try another trip to the veterinarian for a second opinion. *Do keep in mind that this dirt-like substance could also be Feline Acne and will require a different prescription from flea medication. 

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