Uti/cystitis - will my cat always have to be on urinary cat food?

  • Will my cat 13 yrs old always have to be on urinary cat food....low ph?

  • Hi Pat,

    Not necessarily, but it is best to check with your local veterinarian, as your cats health will likely change. Especially considering she/he is now in the senior years of life. 

  • Emma is 17 years old and she has become deaf.  Is there anything i can do to maybe bring back some of her hearing?  It deeply saddens my soul.  She is relitively healthy otherwise

  • Hi Holly, 

    Unfortunately deafness is a common ailment of aging that is irreversible. And most cats will not tolerate any kind of hearing aid or anything attached or rubbed on their ears. Best thing to do for Emma, and not only because of her hearing loss but also since she is in her senior years - is to provide her with a comfortable and consistent daily routine. If she goes outside, consider keeping her inside from now on to protect her from the dangers of the outside world. She will learn to adapt to these adjustments and will use her other senses to direct her. 

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