Stray kitten found lying on the ground in distress. Advice needed.

  • I need some advice on a kitten . It's a stray. It has 3 other siblings and they were dumped off. This morning my husband found one of them lying outside on the ground in distress .It was really cold. Not sure what's wrong He brought it in the house and we are in process of warming it up. Seems to be breathing ok as far as I can tell. It just really hasn't come to yet. What should I do?

  • Hi Melissa, once you have been able to warm the kitten up - try giving it some food (kitten food, if possible) and see if it will drink any water. In the meantime, call your local veterinarian or animal shelter and see if they can assist in anyway. Be sure to wash your hands consistently while handling the kitten(s). 

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