How can I get my cat to stop eating and batting at indoor plants?

  • My cats keep chewing and batting at my plants. Sharpening nails on furniture and jumping up on kitchen table and counters...use a spray bottle with water but not working. I do have a mat for themsharoen nails on..I need help

  • Hi Kim,

    You mentioned that you have a mat for your cats to sharpen their nails on. While this is a good option for them - consider that they may actually prefer a scratching post that is upright. As for saving your furniture and counter tops, try double sided tape. It an be found at pet stores, hardware stores and online. Cats generally do not like the way it feels on their paws and will likely avoid the area after a one time occurrence in the area. Over some time, when the cat has made the association - you can eventually remove the tape. It is not harmful to most fabrics and surfaces (just be sure to read the label). 
    Tin foil has also been known to be effective in deterring cats from certain areas. Place tin foil balls in the pots of plants to save them from being dug in. 
    *Consider providing your cats with potted cat grass or leaf catnip as an alternative. 

    Using a spray bottle with water is not recommended and will usually be ineffective. The reason for this; is the cat will usually only learn to stop the behaviour when you (or another family member) is around. When you are out for the day - then the cat knows it can get away with it. And being spayed with water can also cause the cat to associate this as a hostile action which can damage the bond between owner and cat.

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