Help organizing a local TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return) program

  • TNR  need some to organize a TNR program in my are.  Any ideas would be appreciated.  thank you,

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  • @Marylouise Tischler

    please respond, I need some advice/tips on organizing a TNR program in my area 

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  • Hi Marylouise,

    Getting your community involved in a Trap-Neuter-Release program is an excellent step in protecting the lives of area cats. Here is a basic "how to" to get you started:

    - Post on your social media/bulletin board/calendars etc. a Neighborhood TNR Workshop to invite friends and neighbours who wish to help. Ask them to spread the word. Set up a day to meet either in person or via an online discussion group. Be sure to determine a fundraiser or ask for donations to cover costs for the spaying and neutering surgeries as well as other equipment such as; humane box traps, deterrents, cat food, blankets, etc.

    - Visit your local veterinarian clinic (that you plan to take the cats to) to discuss their policies and procedures. 

    - Visit with local animal shelters and ask how they may be able to help, such as donating the traps for you to borrow and return. 

    - Reach out to an animal control agency for their input - if they are familiar with the area they may have suggestions on how to proceed. 

    - Beforehand, visit the area where you plan to set up the traps to take notes and determine how many cats are in the area and how many traps will be required.  

    - Recruit volunteers: select individuals for certain jobs such as: providing traps and setting them up, assigning drivers to take cats to the veterinarian clinic, feeding them etc. 

    1. Trap: Humanely trap all the cats in the area. Keep in mind there may be a colony of them. A colony is a group of *feral cats living together outdoors. 
    2.Neuter and Spay: take cats to the assigned veterinarian clinic where they will be assessed, surgeries performed as well as possible vaccinations. 
    3. Return: The veterinarian will determine when you can return the cats to the area where they were found. 

    *With feral cats, It is impossible to change an adult feral cat into a fully tame house cat, and trying to do so will simply cause unnecessary stress. Adult feral cats are incapable of seeing humans as peers the way socialized pets do, and will only be stressed by the experience. Thus, the best way to improve their lives is to use the TNR program. 

    This may not be easy to accomplish in a day, and sometimes can take a week or two. Every scenario will be different. But with the right amount of research and commitment from you and your community - it can be done. 

    - For a more indepth approach and information, consider checking out: 

    Best of luck! 




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