How do you get your cat to use their cat bed?

  • My cat will have nothing to do with a new bed we purchased. He won’t enter it voluntarily and if I place him in it, he jumps out as quickly as he can. Any tips?

  • Hi Laurel, to get your cat to use his new bed - try these tips:

    1. Lightly rub catnip or place an catnip infused toy inside to entice him.

    2. Place an old T-shirt (with your scent) or a favourite blanket (with his) on the bed. Newly purchased items can have an undesirable smell to cats. 

    3. Lure him with a wand toy on to the bed during playtime.

    4. Provide plenty of verbal praise. By providing positive reinforcement allows him to eventually associate the space as a desirable one. Congratulate any success with a tasty treat. But only if he remains on the bed-not if he jumps off right away. 
    * treats are not recommended if he is over his ideal weight. 

    5. Place the bed in areas he spends most of his time. If one area doesn't work one day - try another. 

    6. Remove all other beds and blankets for a couple of days to give him less options. This would just be temporary. 

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