How to stop cat from attacking my leg?

  • Hi everyone! Thanks for letting me in to the group! So a week from today we brought home a young cat, around a year maybe. He can be a lovey kitty, but he seems to attack my leg all the time now. And JUST mine, not my husband. He goes at it now, like he is angry! I can’t get him off, and I try to make loud snapping or a discipline voice, but makes it worse. Like a teenager! Any suggestions, or thoughts on how to help us bond differently?

  • At one year old, your cat IS practically a teenager! When he attacks your legs, is he hissing or growling? If not, it's likely play or predatory aggression. You need to give him at least two 15-20 minute play sessions with a long wand toy (Da Bird is my favorite, and swap out the lures every couple of days - try bugs, rodents, snakes, and feather lures that you can purchase separately). Try to have those play sessions at the same time every day (mornings and evenings work best), and follow them with a meal to initiate the hunt-eat-groom-sleep sequence. He may need more play than that, but it will be a start. No yelling, clapping, or using the spray bottle - that can make aggression worse. 🙂

  • our cat used to do that when she was hangry; if youre the feeder she may be associating her hunger with you and trying to get your attention.

  • Hope it works. My legs look like a war zone. Never know when he will attack.

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