Cat with allergies is scratching herself continuously

  • I just got a rescue 5 mo old cat, and she definitely has some allergies. I just switched her food to hypoallergenic but she is still pulling out her hair and scratching continuously. From what I have looked up the only thing I can find to do is a multitude of different supplements. Only other thing I’ve tried is a topical steroid spray which she hates. Is there a supplement for allergies you recommend? A specific food or prescription treatment for this?

  • Itchy skin can be so frustrating! I highly recommend she see a vet before trying anything else. At only 5 months, this may not be allergies. They can have flea problems (even if you aren’t seeing them!), mites, etc. If your vet can rule out all those things and concludes that it is allergies, then there are special prescription diets and medications that can be used to manage it.

  • Same for my 8 month old sweet girl! I know your frustration! I have a prescription from my vet for food by Royal Canin Veterinarian Diet Hydrolyzed Protein. Vet said that it is safe for growth in kittens as I was worried of getting her proper kitten food! I have to do this food for 13 weeks before introducing foods with certain ingredients like chicken, beef and salmon, all separately. Chat with your vet on what food they like for kittens. So far going on 3 weeks and no changes yet as she is still itching but they said allergies take a while to resolve themselves. I really hope it works soon! As I know how hard to watch! If this doesn’t work, more tests for poor kitty…

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