Rent a minibus for traveling

  • We are going on a trip to Europe with our office team and are looking for a minibus rental with driver. We are 10 people so need comfortable and reliable transportation. Can anyone recommend trusted companies? It is important that the driver is a professional and knows the local roads. I would like the trip to be smooth and as comfortable as possible. Also interested in the cost of rent and booking conditions. Please share your advice and experience.

  • Hi, we are also looking for a minibus with driver for our student group, we are planning a trip to Europe. Found a website 8Rental where you can rent a minibus with driver, and it's really convenient. We have a large group and no one wants to think about driving and routes. The driver promises a safe and comfortable trip, knows all the roads. Prices are adequate, reviews are positive. It seems to be an ideal option for us. Already discussed with the guys and decided to book. By the way, they can also book excursions and guides, which will make our trip even more interesting.

  • Our company often organizes corporate outings and business trips, and we need reliable transportation. After trying the services of this company, we were very satisfied. The buses are comfortable, with modern amenities. The drivers are professionals, always arrive on time and provide a safe trip. For the last few years we have been using only their services, as they are really the best.

  • That sounds really good! An efficient transportation service is what matters, especially when one is traveling as a group. We had a similar experience with one of the firms that provided superior bus services during our function. Moreover, they gave other supports like changing roadside battery exchange; this was so helpful since we faced power challenges during some trips unexpectedly. The drivers were experts and ensured the smooth journey. I am happy to know that 8Rental has such full services as well as sightseeing and guides. This way, it simplifies planning and allows all people to have fun.

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