Meet Us at the Upcoming CR Web3/AI Forum in Essen, Germany!

  • The buzz around the next CR Web3/AI Forum at the Blockchain Hotel Essen, Germany, is electric, and we at couldn’t be more thrilled to participate! On June 9, this event will gather leading minds in Web3, AI, and Blockchain, fostering an intimate space for insightful discussions, collaboration, and the exchange of groundbreaking ideas. The forum brings together a diverse range of decision-makers, innovators, investors, and tech aficionados. We look forward to networking and building valuable connections within the Web3 and AI communities.

    Renowned experts will be sharing their knowledge and insights on the latest advancements in Web3, AI, and Blockchain. This is a fantastic opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of these rapidly evolving fields. Stay ahead of the curve by discovering the newest trends and innovations shaping the future of technology. The forum promises insightful discussions on emerging technologies and their potential impact. Interested? Come to the “CR Web3/AI Forum” at the Blockchain Hotel in Essen, Germany on the coming June 9! Meet the core team at our booth, share the latest news & insights, and let’s have an amazing time together! acts as a one-stop shop for diverse AI services, eliminating the need for multiple subscriptions. Users can access a wide range of popular AI tools with just one single subscription, making experimentation so much more affordable. The platform will greet users with an intuitive interface, a trained AI assistant to help you find the right tool for your task, and easy-to-understand hints and documentation. By combining multiple AIs, users can create their workflows and unlock new creative possibilities. Multiple AIs with one single subscription. Custom AIs in your browser. Decentralized blockchain-synched GPU network.

    This phase brings access to custom AI models through the web-based experience. Previously, custom & custom-trained AIs were reserved for computer experts with expensive hardware. With the Decentralized GPU Cloud, users can utilize custom & custom-trained AIs through the dashboard, in their browser. Users can contribute their unused GPU power to the network and earn rewards in the platform’s 1HUB token, similar to mining. This model removes the need for expensive hardware, enabling more users to explore custom AI. The network dynamically scales computing power based on demand, ensuring efficient handling of intensive AI tasks. Blockchain technology provides a secure environment for workload distribution and fair reward allocation.

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