Kitty litter amount for cats

  • My cats are 10 month and 8 months.  They are large cats and I keep running out of kitty litter before the next shipment.  So I will now order 4 bags per month.  Is this unusual? Patricia


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    So we ideally have 3 or 4 trays per cat and we want to fill the tray about 3-4cm deep each time.

    Larger trays will obviously need a lot more litter.


    If not neutered, they will be scent marking and using their tray more often.

    Their urine will also smell very strong, so we will want to change the litter more often.


    Every cat is different, but as a rule of thumb, they should be drinking no more than 50mls/kg of water a day. So for a 6kg cat, this is about 300mls each day.

    If you think either cat is drinking much more than this, a vet check is wise. This should include a blood and urine test, to check for any medical causes of excess thirst/urination.

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  • I have to return the latest cat liter order. Unless I am told otherwise I will mark the box, Return to Sender. Hope this works.

    Never got to use first order andnow moving. DOn't want to change anything else just now.


    There was no email lettingme know this was coming soon. Don't like to be surprised this way.

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