Ammonia odor?

  • The Tuft and Paw litter doesn't seem to block the heavy ammonia smell.  Other flushable I have used, did a better job (world's best cat litter) ... I do clean it daily - often more than once.  Any tips?  

  • I'm sorry to hear about this issue.

    Oftentimes a very heavy ammonia odour can be due to an issue such as:

    • Urine not being concentrated enoughm due to lack of moisture in the diet or insufficient drinking
    • A UTI or cystitis
    • A male cat who is not neutered and who has gone through puberty
    • Using one tray excessively
    • Not enough kitty litter being used


    I'd ensure your cat is well hydrated and we can encourage water drinking by having bowls filled to the brim (they don't like getting their whiskers wet!) and not having the water bowl beside the food bowl or litter tray. 


    Watch for other signs such as peeing more often or peeing in drips and drops, which could indicate a vet visit is needed.


    Be sure to fill the litter up 3-4cm.


    Deep clean the tray once a week(removing all litter) to fully remove the odour. Never use bleach containing products, as this creates an ammonia smell. An enzymatic cleaner ie best.

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