Well fed 'stray' comes around nightly, overfeeding and squinting questions

  • A large grey cat has been coming around for the past few months asking for food. I only see it late at night, never in the daylight.  Lately it seems to be over its ideal weight, but it continues to mew for more food.  I fed it 4 seperate times (equal to about 2.5cups) in about 20 minutes. The last time I also left the container of food open on our spa cover and went back to bed.  By morning that container that held about 2 cups of food was half gone. 

    The cat appears healthy with a nice coat.  Trying to befriend it I was able to get the close enough to it where it extended it's paw and touched my glove with it's fully extended claw, then it ran under the deck. That seemed very strange to me.  When we are both sitting a about 6 ft. apart and I quietly say "kitty" it always shuts it's eyes softly for a couple seconds.  It also hisses at me when I first walk tward it with the cat food, it does this pretty much always. 

    Should I cut back on the food?  What does the clawed greeting mean? Any other advice?


    Thank you


  • Hello and thanks for your question.

    We firstly need to determine if this cat is owned or not. Even if accepting the food on offer, this is not a sign the cat is not owned, as many will eat any food on offer.


    If you can bring them to a local vet clinic to check for a microchip, this would be a good start.

    You can also put up posters locally or post in local Facebook/Whatsapp groups with the cats photo, to ask if anyone knows if it is owned.

    Otherwise, you can place a paper collar around their neck stating 'Am I owned? and your phone number'. This way, any owner can contact you, as we would not want to be feeding an owned cat. This is because it can cause obesity and they could have medical issues and need a specific diet.


    If we determine it is likely not owned, we should contact a local cat charity or rehoming centre who can assess the cat, vaccinate it and neuter it if needed. They may also be able to re-home it. If you wish to re-home it, this would usually be an option too.


    With regards the way the cat is acting, they sound wary of you and this is to be expected in a nervous cat. Most cats will tolerate people coming so close but aren't keen to be close enough to be picked up.

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