Using Pine Pellet Cat Litter in Sifting Tray

  • My cat is currently using pine pellets in a sifting tray. I have set up the new litter in a different tray in the same room. She seems to have no interest in using it. How can I entice her to try the new tuft and paw cat litter? 

  • Hi there and thanks for this question.

    This is not an uncommon issue as cats like familiar things!

    We can encourage use of the new litter tray by:


    • Mixing some old, used litter in with it for a short while; so she understands it is her toilet
    • Putting some of the new litter on the top of her old litter in her old tray. Some cats will need us to gradually add a little more new litter and remove old litter; until byv about a week it is all new litter
    • Ensuring it's in an area with low foot traffic and noise
    • Making sure the tray isn't near her food or water

    Remember, for a single cat household, we want at least 2 trays in the home.

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