Male aggression - male cat lashing out to visitors

  • My male cat lashes out at any visitors that come I to my home. He also been peeing where my guy friend lays and sleeps, his shoes. I don't know what else to do to get my large in sizeale cat to stop acting out towards my male friend. Any advice? 

  • Hi there and thank you for your new question.


    If not neutered, this may help with both his behavioural and urinary issues.

    If he has been, I'd consider a vet check so we can examine him (perhaps performing a urine analyis and bladder scan). This is to check for e.g. a UTI or bladder stones. A health issue like this can cause both behavioural issues as well as urinating outside of the tray.


    With regards him lashing out at visitors, this is generally anxiety related.

    It will help to:


    • Ensure he has hiding spots to retreat to when guests come
    • Request visitors do not approach him; give him plenty of space
    • Provide some daily calming supplements such as zylkene with his food
    • Have a Feliway plug in within the home


    If he does want to interact with visitors, this should be his choice. If he does, great! We can encourage this by having the guest offer a tasty treat. However, once he has finished the interaction, let him retreat when he likes.

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