cat throwing up after eating (not food)

  • my adult cat throws up after eating but it's not the food she eats that comes up 

  • Hi there Janet and thank you for your question.


    When a cat brings up their food after eating, this is called regurgitation.

    If she is bringing something else up (like saliva or bile), this would be classed as vomiting.


    As the vomiting is so frequent, this needs to be looked into by her vet.

    There are lots of considerations and the vet would take into account things like her age, medical history and presence of other signs; to determine what we'd be checking for.


    We'd consider e.g. IBD, food allergies, a gut obstruction, megaoesophagus, an overactive thryoid, liver disease etc.


    The vet will likely want to examine her and perhaps perform some tests such as a blood test and abdominal / food pipe imaging. Once they know what is going on, they can start her treatment plan. This may include e.g. anti nausea medicine, antacids and a specific diet.


    From home, I'd feed her from a slow feeder bowl and space out her meals in small portions throughout the day.

    Go for a sensitivity diet.

    Ensure she is up to date with a broad acting wormer such as Panacur.

    It may help to take some photos of what she is bringing up to show the vet, and to keep a diary of any other signs she has.

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