My 6-7 year old cat's fur is thinning

  • My Tuxie is about 6-7 years old, in seemingly in good health. I've noticed the past few days she's got some spots where it seems her fur is thinning, and is showing up white. She is eating good and I haven't noticed anything out of the ordinary with her behavior. She doesn't scratch like she's bothered with itching. Can anyone help me help her? Thank you.


  • Hi there and thanks for this new question!

    While shedding is quite normal, if we are noticing sparse fur or bald patches, this would be a sign there is more going on.

    Though reassuring she is otherwise well, this is something I'd want to look into.


    There would be several considerations here including:


    • A fungal infection
    • A bacterial infection
    • Mites
    • A flea allergy
    • An allergy
    • Feline acquired symmetric alopecia
    • A hormonal disorder


    A vet check is wise so we can examine her and her skin/fur, to get a clearer understanding of what's going on.

    This may include a fur pluck, skin scrape and/or skin swab.

    If treatment is needed, it may include e.g. a medicated wash.


    From home, watch closely for any new signs such as red skin, scabs, excess licking or scratching.

    It is also sensible to ensure she is up to date with an effective flea and mite prevention.

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