Will air purifier help with odor of fresh Tuft + Paw litter?

  • I love the way Tuft + Paw litter performs, but both my wife and I don't care for the odor of the fresh litter. Before spending hundreds of $ on an air purifier, does anyone have experience with using a purifier to contorl the "grainy" odor? I really want to keep using the litter, but the smell is a deal breaker.

  • Hi, I have several air purifiers in the house even before cats. Air purifiers definitely help. But it's still ideal to clean the litter box as often as possible. I scoop once daily or more if I can. I also wash or wipe the litter boxes every two weeks. Even when I skip a day of scooping, the Really Great Litter masks odor. I just don't go more than 24 hours leaving unscooped litter, but that is just me. I know that is not something everyone can do. Best of luck!

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