Cat avoids peeing in clumped litter areas

  • So far I'm loving the new tuft & paw litter, but how are any of you handling the clumping of the pee spots to the bottom of the litter box? If I don't empty it every day (and really scrape it off the bottom) I notice she avoids those spots and I feel there's got to be a better way ...? 

  • I also have the same problem with our cat; my husband noticed this yesterday. 

  • Hmmm it's tough to say - we really do recommend cleaning at least once a day, your cat has a super strong sense of smell and it's better for them to clean (and for odor control in general). Have you tried flushing any of the litter yet? If your litter box is near the toilet, it only takes a couple seconds to scoop and flush small amounts. That would be the best way TBH.

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