Does Tuft and paw really great litter work with Litter Robot?

  • Hello I am super interested in Tuft and Paw's Really Great Litter but want to know if anyone has used it with the Litter Robot? I love our Litter Robot but my cat has started tracking litter all over lately and its really bothersome. If Tuft and Paw's litter doesn't work with Litter Robot anyone found another natural litter that they like or any type of litter that doesn't track with Litter Robot?



  • Sorry the pellets aren't compatible with litter robot unfortunately.

  • @Jackson Cunningham which type of automatic litter boxes work with Tuft & Paw Litter pellets?

  • @Patrick PetSnowy works great with Tufts and Paw :)

  • @Jackson Cunningham I would greatly appreciate a refund as I did not know of this upon purchase. My husband and I realized it is not compatible as all the litter began sifting into the litter removal immediately. 

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