Be concerned of over grooming and possible ear scratching?

  • My cat seems to be continuously licking his right paw in an area. Looks like he is over grooming it where it ends up losing fur and it's getting dry.

    his right ear is also losing fur as it is red and transparent now. I think he is scratching that area too much now.


    I have an appointment with the vet but wanted to get some information before hand. Any advice or thoughts is appreciated! 

    attached visuals to help

    Thank you!

  • Hey there and thank you for your question and the attached photos.

    I agree a vet visit is wise here.


    It is possible the two lesions are related and due to e.g. allergies,  a fungal infection like ringworm, mites or a bacterial infection.


    It could also be that they are unrelated and the ear lesion is due to e.g. ear mites or a localised ear infection while the wrist lesion is caused by over grooming linked to wrist pain (perhaps due to arhritis if your cat is an older cat).


    I'd use an ear cleaner if the ears are waxy or smelly.

    I would also bathe the affected areas twice daily in a dilute Chlorhexidine (Hibiscrub) wash. You can get this from any pharmacy and it is inexpensive. You dilute it 1:10 in water and apply with cotton wool. Leave it on for 5-10 minutes, then rinse with water and pat dry.


    Ensure your kitty is up to date with a broad acting parasite prevention.


    Consider a buster collar to protect the skin temporarily if the licking is excessive.


    The vet should examine the skin and perhaps swab/smear the areas to get a diagnosis. Your cat may need some prescription medicine such as anti itch medicine or oral antibiotics.

  • @Linda Simon Hi! He has an ear infection but the paw not sure yet, could be behavioral 

  • I'm glad we could get an answer Re his ear and it may be that any infection has spread as they often use their paws to scratch at the infected ears.

    Hopefully this resolves soon.

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