Help with getting cat out of seclusion

  • My 19 year old granddaughter moved in with me 4 weeks ago and adopted a 4 week old kitten then. I have 2 cats. One occasionally picks on the other one who is always scared and hides. My granddaughter will not let her kitten out of her room at all because she thinks My cat that sometimes picks on her littermate sister will hurt her. My granddaughter is often gone all day, and all night, she only comes home to feed the kitten. I think her kitten gets lonely and bored. It's always dark in her room with the room darkening curtains being closed. I did open the curtains for the kitten to get some sunshine today. Will keeping her in that small room all the time cause any problems? My granddaughter won't listen to what I think about it.

  • Hi there and thank you for this new question.


    If your granddaughter wants her to be a cat that is well socialised with other cats, it is important this starts soon as there are only a couple of months of a window where this can be done.

    We do, however, need to ensure the interactions are calm and positive so I would not want her socialised with an aggressive or highly anxious cat.


    If always going to be a sole cat/lone ranger, socialisation with other cats is less important.


    We do want her to be getting plenty of mental and physical stimulation; lots of play time, places to explore, things to do etc.

    Natural sunlight is important too, yes, and the room should be dark when we want her to sleep at night.

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