Advice on rescuing an outdoor cat

  • What r specifics I need to know in rescue of outdoor cat .

  • <p>Hi there and thanks for this question.</p>

    <p>By outdoors, we need to know if you mean an owned cat who was allowed outside, a stray or a feral cat. They will all have different needs.</p>


    <p>If not owned, we need to ensure they are spayed and up to date with their vaccines and parasite prevention.&nbsp;</p>

    <p>We should also run a blood test to check for viral infections like FIV or FeLV if they have been fighting or mating.</p>

    <p>If used to being outside, they will likely appreciate the chance to continue to do so. If not permitted, this can lead to stress and behavioral issues such as soiling inside the home.</p>

    <p>Alternatives to outdoor access can include catios and enclosed gardens.</p>


    <p>We need to provide lots of enrichment within the home, including things like food puzzles, scent games, cat trees, scratching mats etc.&nbsp;</p>

    <p>They will likely also want several hiding spots and beds where they can relax without us too close by.</p>

  • This is 2 feral cats. I am bringing into my home with my three other cats that are not feral.

  • Hi Doreen.


    I think you are asking about how to re-home feral cats?

    This is generally not achievable I'm afraid.

    True feral cats (that are adults) have not been socialised or domesticated and cannot live indoors, as it causes too much stress for them and they are generally going to be aggressive to any humans in the home.

    We also need to consider the impact to your other cats; the health risks (from infections like FIV, FeLV and parasites) and risk of stress, fights etc.


    It may be possible to make your home a base for the 2 cats, whereby they know they can seek some shelter and you will provide food and water.

    You can perhaps set up a shelter for them that is half in/half out.


    If they have not been neutered or vaccinated, your local vet or cat rescue centre can get this organised for you.

  • Here are some tips to ensure a safe and successful rescue:

    1. Approach with Caution: Outdoor cats, especially those not used to human contact, may be skittish. Approach slowly, avoid sudden movements, and speak in a calm and soothing tone to gain their trust.

    2. Provide Food and Shelter: Offer a small amount of cat food to entice the cat. Set up a shelter with blankets or a cozy box to create a safe space for them. This helps build a positive association with your presence

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