Kitten is suckling on my neck

  • Hi, I have 4 cats. Two adults and two-5 month old twins (boy and girl).  We've had them for 6 weeks and they were in foster care with their mom until that time. The boy wakes me up 2-3 times each night to suckle on my neck, ears and face. I've tried detering him with a purring kitten pillow, cover myself up, move him off. He comes back with vengence and digs his nose into me until he finds what he wants. 

    Any suggestions? I'd love a good night's sleep!

    Thank you, Christa


  • Hi Christa and I am sorry to hear about this!

    So, this sort of behaviour is not uncommon, especially in younger cats, although it sounds like he is doing it to quite extreme levels.


    It is a form of self-soothing, akin to a child who sucks their thumb.


    We do see it more commonly in those kittens taken away from mum before 9 weeks of age, but it can happen to anyone.


    For most, the behaviour is mild and gradually goes away as the kitten matures and grows in confidence.


    If an anxious kitty, he may benefit from e.g. a Feliway plug in and/or some calming supplements put in his food.


    Ideally, we'd not allow the suckling to occur on us and would re-direct him to something else like a toy, blanket or plush teddy. He may start suckling this instead.

    If he won't be re-directed, you may need to remove him from the room as you sleep.

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