Why does my cat chew on plastic?

  • Why does my cat chew on plastic? She's been doing it ever since she was about 6 months old.

  • Hey there!


    I am sorry your cat has been doign this. 

    There can be a number of reasons including:


    • Boredom or a lack of stimulation
    • Stress
    • A nutritional deficiency
    • Curiosity/exploration
    • Etc.


    As plastic can cause issues like gut blockages, we need to 'cat proof' the home, removing any plastic or other foreign material they could chew on; much like you would with a toddler.


    I'd double check your cat is up to date with a broad acting wormer and is on a premium food appropriate for their age.


    Importantly, make sure they're getting plenty of mental and physical stimulation.

    This means interactive toys, opportunity to chase and pounce, scent game, cat nip, cat trees, scratch posts etc.

    I'd also get some cat safe chew toys, so she has the opportunity to safely do this.

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