How can I help my cat lose weight?

  • I have a 9 year old female, neutered cat that doesn't have a turn off switch when it comes to eating! She went from a kitten to 16 pounds snd I've not been able to reduce her weight. She eats 175 kcals of wet food a day, no dry food. How can I help her?

  • Hi there and thanks for your question.


    175 calories a day sounds about right for a 6-7lb cat so this would not be enough food to sustain her and could explain why she is so hungry.


    If she is a very large breed like a Maine Coon, this could be why she is so large.

    However, if she is obese, this is a different thing entirely.


    We should:


    • Go to her vet for a Body Condition Score assessment to determine what her ideal weight is and to get her started on an appropriate feeding plan
    • Start a diet food (such as Royal Canin Satiety) and weigh out her portions on a scales each day
    • Ensure she is not getting any treats, tit bits or human food
    • Encourage exercise with e.g. laser chasers, wind up mice, a cat tree, a cat wheel etc.

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