Homemade cat food to improve health?

  • Could you please suggest me some food that I can cook at home to improve my cat's health?

  • Hi there and thanks for this question.


    The ideal diet depends on your cat's age, breed and general health.

    It is important to state that if you plan on home-cooking for your pet and feeding them this exclusively, you need to formulate a diet plan alongside a qualified feline nutritionist.

    This is to ensure all of your cat's dietary needs are met and they do not develop nutritional deficincies. It is all too common for home-made diets to be lacking in things like iodine, calcium and certain amino acids.


    If you mean something to give now and again to supplement her cat food, nice options include boiled chicken, boiled white fish, boiled and mashed egg, white rice, sweet potato and veggies such as broccoli, green beans and carrots.

    These are all nutrient dense options and the fish and chicken, in particular, contain those all important proteins which our cats need.


    You may also consider using some supplements such as probiotics (if she suffers from digestive upsets or softer stools) or fish oils to help improve her skin and coat health.

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