Help with 4 year old cat with extreme constipation and IBS

  • My male 4 yo mixed breed cat has severe constipation and throws up alot

  • Hi there, I am very sorry to hear about this.


    Constipation is quite uncommon in young cats but can occur after e.g. pelvic trauma (such as car accidents) or with neurological disorders or in cases of mega colon.


    The vomiting could be related or may be associated with another underlying GI issue.


    We need to have your cat examined by a vet to determine the case and start a treatment plan.

    This may include abdominal imaging, bloods and a stool analysis.

    Some cats require ongoing laxatives and enemas, to prevent the colon from getting too large and to keep them comfortable.


    In general, these things help mild constipation:


    • Increasing water intake by using cat soups, rehydration solutions, wet food, water fountains and by adding water to meals
    • Increasing activity levels to get that gut moving
    • Ensuring the cat is not over weight
    • Small doses of laxatives such as Lactulose as needed
    • Reducing stress
    • Gentle tummy massage if well tolerated


    Hopefully signs resolve soon and I'd organise an urgent vet visit if he is currently experiencing symptoms.

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