Help to get my cat from biting me

  • I have tried everything and I mean kitten will not stop biting me..I play with him..we have bonded..he is loving also..but has started attacking my arms while waking me up in the arms are scratched up and nipped at so bad..I wash with dial soap..use peroxide..neosporin and take care to not get infection but this has become so bothersome that it has me very depressed to the point of tears..I tell him no..I walk away..I don't use my hands in play I use toys..I reward with treats for good behavior..but he continues to bite at will..he also bites at my ankles..what more can I do to control and stop this..he is 3 mths old ..I love him so much but this behavior must stop..I don't know what else to do

  • I'm so sorry you've been dealing with this and completely understand how frustrating and upsetting it must be.


    Firstly, at this age, this sort of play behaviour is not uncommon and kittens tend to play rough with us; much like they would with their siblings int he wild.

    They do not innately understand that we are not up for playing like this, and have thinner skin without fur for protection.


    It sounds like you're doing all of the right things and with consistency you should find things improve vastly as your kitten matures.


    I'd advise wearing long sleeves, trousers and long socks to protect your skin.


    I'd also make a big effort to keep your kitten mentally and physically stimulated by encouraging them to play and run about with things like food games, cat nip, puzzles, wind up mice, lasers etc.

    The more we tire him out in a positive way, the better.

    Toys on feathers or strings that are far away from our hand are best, to avoid him thinking our hand is part of the game.


    I'd ensure he has both a scratching mat and post, so he does not use us to sharpen those claws. We can re direct to these if he is trying to scratch at us.

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