What's the best litter box to control odors?

  • What's truly best automatic litter box that will control odors?? 

  • Hi there and thanks for this question.


    I'd consider a self cleaning box and/or one with a lid.

    We should also use a litter marketed as 'odor control' (such as Fresh Step) or one that is fragranced (but only if your cat doesn't mind this as many dislike this and won't use the tray).


    Importantly, whatever we do, cat poo and pee does stink!

    So the more often we clean trays, the less they will smell.


    As a side note, cat stool tends to smell better when they're eating a food that is less processed and more 'junk free'.

  • Hi, 

    When I got my kitten this was something I researched a lot and i made a lot of steps. 

    1. Food - less kibble more healthy species-appropriate food like (raw, freeze dry raw, wet can food) 

    2. Litter - scented litter are good and all but our kitties have more sensitive noses than us and they would not like it

    3. Air Filter - air filter/ air circulation helps! I have a litter box filter near mine to help with odor. 

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