How to stop cat from meowing at 4am?

  • My 12 year old orange tabby has decided he want to start meowing around 4 am.  He starts off soft and then gets very loud.  We are doing our best to ignore but it's hard.  What are your thoughts?



  • Hey there Shirley, me name is Linda and I'm a small animal vet with 10 years of clinical experience.


    In the summer, some cats start meowing as the sun comes up as they are eager to go out, patrol their home and hunt. It can also be a call as they want to go and toilet.

    If an indoor only cat, it can be when he is getting hungry or wants company.


    However, if this is a brand new thing he has never done before, we'd have to consider a medical issue such as hyperthyroidism (which makes cats more vocal) or diabetes (which makes cats hungrier).

    We'd also wonder about feline arthritis. 90% of cats his age have it to some degree and can become restless and vocal at night as they are in discomfort.

    Another consideration is feline dementia, and other signs can include confusion and a personality change.


    First step here is a general vet check.

    I'd also ensure all of his needs are met and he's getting plenty of mental and physical stimulation during the day.

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