Best medicine for cat with seizures?

  • Hello,

    I pretty much took a male cat about a year maybe 2 years old because he wasn't being taken care of probably and being hit . Well he has seizures and was wondering what's the best medicine that I can get for him . I can't go to the vet right now please don't judge. I don't have the money and I'm out of work from having surgery and will be out for 30 days but I wanna make sure I can help him as best as I can... And I have two females and one male cats that were mine before I got my friend cat here   my male is fixed but my two females aren't they have an appointment in 2 months but for now what can I do to stop them from peeing on the floor. I clean the boxes maybe a little to often but nothing I do is working. What can I do. Please help... Thank you 

  • Hi there and I'm very sorry to hear about your cat and his medical issues.


    Seizures are a serious medical issue and can have a wide range of causes including epilepsy, an infection of the central nervous system, toxoplasmosis, toxin build up due to liver or kidney disease etc.

    It is vital he sees a vet so that we can 1) Determine why he has seziures and 2) Provide prescription medicine to help manage them.

    This usually means daily tablets to prevent seizures and rectal Diazepam to treat seizures if they are prolonged.

    I'm afraid these medicines are not available without a prescription.


    If a vet visit is not an option, I'd consider approaching a chairty who mat be able to assist here.

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