Inexpensive recommendations for cat paw pad sores

  • 9yo male has sores on all 4 paw pads.  Vet recommended Atopica.  Is there anything less expensive I can use?

  • Hi Adena and thank you for this question.


    The best treatment depends on the cause of the sores. Something like pododermatitis (an autoimmune disease) needs immune suppressants. Steroids are inexpensive and may work well.


    Allergies tend to also respond well to steroids, and they are more affordable than Apoquel.


    However, if there is an active infection, the treatment needed could be e.g. a prolonged course of antibiotics.


    For any cats with ongoing sores like this, I'd be sure to bathe them in dilute Hibiscrub to reduce bacteria and yeast levels and ensure he cannot lick or chew at them (this may mean using a buster collar short term).


    If we can identify any triggers or irritants (like certain foods, cleaning products or dust mites), we need to try and eliminate these triggers.

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