Help getting new kitten to use litter box

  • I just got a new kitten that was born to a feral cat. She's about 8-9 weeks old and I'm having problems with her using the litterbox. I have 2 of them, one she goes to,and another. I've tried different litter and just got cat attractant litter. Any advice would be appreciated!

  • I'm sorry to hear about this.

    Most kittens do like to keep clean and should gravitate towards using a tray.

    It is great you have two and we should ensure they are in quiet areas of the home with low foot traffic.

    Consider having one open one and one with a roof, to see which she prefers.

    I agree too with trying a few litter varieites, and cats can have a strong preference.


    When she does try to use somewhere else to toilet, quickly lift her to her tray if caught in time.

    Reward her toileting here with high value treats like little bits of chicken or fish.


    If she does go outside of her tray, remain calm and quickly clean the mess with an enzymatic cleaner to prevent re-soiling.

    It can be tempting to tell the kitten off, but this would just increase anxiety and worsen the issue.

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