Nook Litter Box

Color: Cream

Made of durable aluminum, this is a modern, industrial-inspired litter box that’s surprisingly multifunctional. Two openings and a spacious interior keep the air fresh, and allow your cat the security of easy comings and goings. Maximize your space by topping Nook with the Floof blanket, which gives your cat another dedicated spot to lounge.

*No additional litter box required. Nook's bottom piece is designed to act as the litter box.

    • Walls and top lift off in one piece for easy cleaning and litter changing
    • Tapered entrances prevent litter scatter
    • Aluminum is durable and scratch-resistant
    • Floof Blanket fits perfectly on top to create a comfortable rest surface
  • Materials: Aluminum
  • Cat Size: Large-sized cats or smaller (20 pounds or less)
  • Dimensions: 16" Width x 26" Depth x 17" Height
  • Assembly: 20 minute assembly with instructions, tools, and screws included
  • Cleaning: Wipe with damp cloth
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Nook Litter Box

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Our product design process


Every product begins and ends with consulting our cat behaviorists. We're informed by science to ensure your cat's needs come first.

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There's a reason why our stuff looks this good in your home. Our design team is a cat-loving crew who used to create human furniture too.

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Driven by innovation, we're constantly looking for ways to solve problems and bring joy. We make sure a piece works, then we make it beautiful.

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Quality assurance

We hold ourselves to high safety standards through rigorous testing to ensure the well-being of our cat customers, and provide peace of mind for their humans.

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